Pritti Wigs welcomes you! Our mission is to impact the Beauty Industry through increased access 'to quality yet affordable hair solutions.'

Background- Pritti Wigs

Pritti Wigs was implemented in September 2018 when a search for quality yet affordable hair, yielded little results. To fulfill a childhood dream Pritti Wigs was born after a few labour intensive hours of conceptualization of the business.  The concept was translated via Social Media with the first client being a colleague of the owner and start-up capital coming from monthly salary. Pritti Wigs offer the following suite of products;

  • Bundle Deals- Hair is sold in quantities of 3 or 4 so as to increase affordability.
  • Pritti Approved Suppliers/retailers of hair are researched for quality and affordability. Pritti- Wigs purchase these products online and make them accessible to the local market.
  • Pritti Premier - hand stitched wigs are made available to clients upon request. A small inventory of hand stitched wigs are also maintained.
  • Frontals and Closures- This option is suitable for clients that have previously purchased bundles and have now decided to convert these bundles into wigs as oppose to doing the typical sew-ins.
  • Synthetic Corner- The aim is to meet all customers where they are. Synthetic lace wigs are offered to clients that are interested in lace wigs but are turned off by the high costs associated with the product.

Primarily, Pritti Wigs aims to be a popular name for customers with an appreciation for hair. While focus will be placed on quality, a diverse collection will be provided for all clients.


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